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Baptismal Robes from The Robe Shop
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For full descriptions, see Baptismal Gowns & Paraments
SIZING: Gowns are sized by total height to the top of the head, plus chest measurement.


Total Order Quantity _______

Sizing for Culotte Baptismal Robe GN S-14 (White only):

Quantity    Size       Chest: Height:

________   S-14-J01   24-26"   4'4" (Child)

________   S-14-J02   27-29"   4'8" (Junior)

________   S-14-J03   30-32"   5' (Pre-teen)

________   S-14-A04   32-34"   5'2"

________   S-14-A05   35-37"   5'5"

________   S-14-A06   38-40"   5'8"

________   S-14-A07   41-43"   5'11"

________   S-14-A08   44-48"   6'2"

________   S-14-A09   42-45"   5'5"

Sizing for Weighted Hem Baptismal Robe GNS-13 (White Only):

Quantity    Size      Chest (F): Chest (M): Height:

________   S-13-J01   24-26"   24-26"   to 4'4" (Child)

________   S-13-J02   27-29"   27-29"   to 4'8" (Junior)

________   S-13-J03   30-32"   30-32"   to 5' (Pre-teen)

________   S-13-A01   33-37"   32-34"   5'-5'3"

________   S-13-A02   33-37"   32-34"   5'4"-5'6"

________   S-13-A03   38-41"   34-37"   to 5'9"

________   S-13-A04   42-45"   38-41"   to 6'

________   S-13-A05   46-49"   42-45"   to 6'2"

________   S-13-A06   50-53"   46-49"   to 6'5"

________   S-13-A07   42-45"   38-41"   to 5'7"

Sizing for Weighted Hem Baptismal Robe GNH-21 (Black Only):

Quantity    Size       Chest (F): Chest (M): Height:

________   H-21-A01   33-37"   32-34"   5'-5'3"

________   H-21-A02   33-37"   32-34"   5'4"-5'6"

________   H-21-A03   38-41"   34-37"   to 5'9"

________   H-21-A04   42-45"   38-41"   to 6'

________   H-21-A05   46-49"   42-45"   to 6'2"

________   H-21-A06   50-53"   46-49"   to 6'5"

________   H-21-A07   42-45"   38-41"   to 5'7"

Sizing for Budget Weighted Hem Baptismal Robe GNH-152 (White Only):

Quantity    Size item #       Chest:   Height:

________   XS-15228       32-34"   5'-5'3"

________   Small-15229   33-37"   5'4"-5'7"

________   Med-15230    38-41"   5'8"-5'10"

________   LG-15231     42-45"   5'10"-6'1"

________   XL-15232     46-49"   5'10"-6'1"

________   2XL-15233    50-53"   6'0"-6'3"

________   6 robe set-15226    1 each size

Specific Need-by date:(ASAP doesn't count)

In case we have questions, we MUST have your phone number (including EXTENSION if applicable):


Name & UPS Ship Address (no PO Boxes!):



Please read and sign: I am fully responsible for payment of this order, including any legal/collection fees required if payment is withheld or cancelled. I acknowledge that my prepayment is a rough estimate of charges only and does not guarantee the final invoice price, which will account for any style or vendor changes, order additions, initial estimate adjustments, actual shipping costs, and unforeseen price increases. If paying by credit card, I understand that the card statement will show payment to "RSW Robeshop" and (if appropriate) I have informed the person who pays the statement.


Mailing address for invoice/receipt (Who is paying for this order?:



BANKCARD INFORMATION- (If you are paying by check, leave card info blank and send this form with your payment for all items plus shipping charges.)

VISA/AMEX/MC card number with spaces: _________ | _________ | __________ | ___________

___CREDIT or ___DEBIT | Expiry date:   _ _ / _ _  |   Security Code:   _ _ _ _    (3 or 4 numbers, REQUIRED)

IF THE CARDHOLDER ZIP CODE and ADDRESS numbers DO NOT MATCH this order billing address, the card will not process successfully. For CARD address verification, we need the correct NUMERICAL data- house/PO box# and zip code- where the statement for this card is mailed. Note: We have a lot of difficulty with corporate cards. We MUST HAVE THE EXACT MAILING ADDRESS FOR THE CARD STATEMENT, not the address for the person ordering.
ZIP:________________House/PO Box NUMBER:____________________

Important if YOU are not the cardholder: we must have direct communication from the cardholder to avoid misunderstandings and/or chargebacks. If someone else is paying for this order (including your organization or corporation), they must sign the statement above, or if this is not possible please provide here the name and direct phone number for the accounting person in charge of paying the credit card bill:


SHIPPING CHARGES UPS Ground service to U.S.48:
$23.95 1 garment
Add $1.75 each additional garment

TAX Washington residents must add 10.5% tax on full amount including shipping. All other states: Sales tax may be applicable and is added at invoicing. Please submit a State tax-exempt form with your order if appropriate. Note: We cannot remove your sales tax assessment once it has been invoiced

DELIVERY TIME: Our Qwick-ship (ready-to-wear) garments ship the next business day after you order. Normal shipping time to the US48 depends on your location, and takes 1-6 business days. Need it faster? We are experts at handling rush orders! For the best service at the lowest cost, please provide an accurate and specific "need-by" date so we can determine ship method options. Usually this would be one day prior to wearing, to allow for variations in delivery time. Please note that once your order is in process with your chosen target date, the date cannot be changed. Most orders ship directly from our plant as this saves delivery time, and for this reason invoices are mailed separately after your order arrives.
Foreign orders: Please see Order FAQ for delivery details to foreign addresses

Thank you for your order! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you. Thank you also for your cooperation with our order guidelines, which saves us hours of time and allows us to focus on fulfilling your order promptly! Our business success has for over 20 years depended on our ability to meet your deadline. We do it well- please work with us by following these guidelines:

ALL orders must be prepaid, including shipping charges. Orders are not processed until we have BOTH your order AND your payment.

Put it in writing! Verbal order information can be misunderstood. The best way is to submit your order on this (or the appropriate) form. We will contact you to verify. Don't like the web-based form? We can FAX or mail a condensed 1-page form. Just ask!

FAXed orders must have a bankcard number for payment written on this form. Your card information is very secure. We will honor requests for us to call you for your card number, but it will delay your order.

EMAILED FORMS: To email your order, simply copy this order form text (START & END of order text are marked) and paste into a new email message, then proceed to type in your information. FOR PROMPT RESULTS, USE THIS IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE: ***ORDER***ORDER***ORDER*** Please include at least half of your bankcard information, then follow up with a second email for the remaining half (Subject= "[your name] order part 2"), or just send all of it at once, depending on your comfort level. We always call to confirm your order, so if you don't get a response within 1 business day, please contact us to make sure your email was received.

If you want to pay by check or money order, do not email or FAX this form. It will NOT speed up your order as we do not process it until payment is received. A double-shipment or lost order could result. Both the form and your payment must be submitted together. Use a courier service (FedEx, UPS) air letter for RUSH orders.

PHONE ORDER: We can help you best if you have printed out this form and filled in the information, or at least have read it so you know what information we will need. Being prepared before calling will aid enormously with your phone order and save staff time!

We will let you know if there are any problems fulfilling your order as requested. Each order is verified. You will not be charged for items that are not supplied. Please allow time for your order to be processed before calling about the current status. We understand perfectly your concern that your order is on the way, and are happy to verify that for you. See our policies at About Us

When your order arrives: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Inspect your package carefully, making sure that your order is correct. If there are any problems or questions, contact us immediately at the Robe Shop, NOT our order fulfillment plant whose name and address may be on the package. Our staff has been directed to respond promptly to all concerns that are expressed in a rational manner. Yelling, threats, or vulgar language will constitute a breach of this agreement and releases The Robe Shop from any further obligations to resolve your issue. DO NOT ALLOW THE PACKAGE(S) TO SIT UNINSPECTED UNTIL YOUR EVENT. On the day before or day of your event, there is virtually nothing we can do to solve problems regarding missing or wrong items!!! Also- garments need to be hung in advance to release wrinkles.

Returns: No returns are accepted without prior authorization or after 30 days from date of order. For a detailed customer service policy and more return/exchange information for anything in our Qwick-Ship Line, featuring finely tailored ready-made garments, please see our About Us page, policy section.

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