Academic Caps

Velvet tams are for the doctoral degree, and number of points/corners is by personal preference. No code or academic significance is attached to the 4, 6 or 8 points. If you need "special Regalia" (non-black), the cap style is already determined by your school.
A note on a "grey" area- Some schools now allow the MFA to wear a 4-point tam, rather than the mortarboard. Sometimes the term "soft mortarboard" is used which really is just a 4-point tam restricted to non-velvet. Please consult with the conferring school about the current rules for MFA tams. Also, sometimes MFAs serving as department heads are given the velvet tam option by the employer school. There is no national standard at this time, so do your homeowrk before ordering.
Standard Tassels in all colors are available for mortarboards. Doctoral caps can also choose from a 2-button silky or metallic gold

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