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Choral Cassocks, Surplices & Albs

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This collection features our choral cassock styles, with a standing collar and concealed front zipper. These are ideal for combining with a surplice or overlay (some shown in the photos below). Several styles feature a special sleeve design or cuff sleeves. These custom choir cassocks can be made in any of our numerous fabrics, colors or optional monograms. Focus on the styling and ignore the colors shown- your robes will be made to YOUR specifications! Pricing depends on fabric choice and optional monograms. Please contact us or Request Custom Choir Robe Catalog

Choral Cassock

Sleeveless Cassock

Mandarin Cassock

KT Cassock (shown with 720 Overlay)

Augsburg Cassock

Choral Cassock 353

Women's Choral Cassock 329 (shown with 718 Tunic)

Hosanna (Accent fabric continues up the inside of back pleat)

Choral Cassock 232M & 233F Men's 232 has straight sleeve


Men's Choral Cassock 328



Surplice 724

Surplice 649RT

Eastminster Alb

Westminster Alb

Choral Alb

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