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Choose choir robes from our many styles, fabrics and colors. Find the perfect choir stoles or choir gowns for your group. See custom made church choir robes and gospel choir stoles. Order choir robes with your school colors. See our online choir robe catalog.

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Custom choir robes from The Robe Shop

Why is The Robe Shop your best choice for custom choir robes?

The Robe Shop has been providing choir robes all over the U.S., Canada and the world since 1979. Interested in Murphy Robes, Collegiate Apparel or E.R. Moore? We are the retail us for your choir robes by these manufacturers and benefit from our special coupon offers.

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Custom Choir Robes: Our Online Catalog

Our American Plant creates top quality custom choir robes by cutting and sewing your chosen style in the fabric and colors of your choice. Use your imagination as you browse our online style catalog. Use our link below to request a complete choir apparel catalog and price list by mail.

Click on the photos to see our complete selection of CUSTOM (made to measure) Choir robe & Choir stole styles:

(Photos courtesy of Murphy Robes)

Custom choir robes for children
Kid's Custom Choir Robes
Custom choir robes- classic styles
Fluted V-Neck Choir Robes
Custom choir robes- economy styles
Lowest Priced Choir Robes
Custom choir gowns- round neck styles
Round Neck Choir Robes
Custom choir robes- standing collar styles
Standing Collar Choir Robes
Custom choir robes- no-stole-needed styles
No-Stole-Needed Choir Robes
Custom choir robes- cassock styles
Choral Cassocks
Custom choir gowns- Gathered Sleeve styles
Gathered Sleeve Choir Robes
Ready-Made choir robe styles
Ready-Made Choir Robes

Custom Choir Stoles, Tunics and Overlays

Custom choir stole styles
Choir Stole styles
Custom choir Tunics and Overlay styles
Tunics and Overlays

Catalog production and mailing is costly so we can only send 1 catalog to an official representative (head of robe committee, etc) of an organization actively shopping for custom choir robes. Please provide the organization name and address. Fabric selectors are not routinely sent, but are gladly supplied for a small deposit if you are considering a robe style from our catalog.

Custom choir Robe Catalog

"On behalf of all the member of our church choir, I want you to know how very thrilled we are with our new Robe Shop choir robes. They all arrived in time for us to wear for our event, and the congregation was very happy with the style and color. Many of them are still telling me and other choir members how beautiful they are.
They arrived in perfect condition and needed only minor pressing. Everyone was impressed with the workmanship.
Katy, thank you so much for your help and advice and knowledge in the ordering of these robes." -Harriet W.

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Choir Robes & Choir Stoles custom-made in your colors from The Robe Shop

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