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Custom Choir Robes for Children

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This collection features CUSTOM choir robe styles that are especially appropriate for children. Although our best pricing and immediate delivery is found by choosing from our Children's sized ready-made "Qwick-Ship" line, featured on our Choir Robe Page, sometimes only custom will do. These custom kids choir gowns can be made in any of our numerous machine-washable fabrics, colors or optional monograms. In addition, any adult choir robe style can be made in children's sizing for a price reduction of 10%. Focus on the styling and ignore the colors shown- your robes will be made to YOUR specifications! Pricing depends on fabric choice and monograms. Choir stoles are priced separately and are not limited to the pairings shown. More choir stole styles are available at Custom choir stole options
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Junior Dashiki


Junior Symphony



Junior Surplice

See "Qwick-ship" styles for more options
Junior Sonnet

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