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Overlays and Tunics for Choir Robes- or Casual Separate

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Many of these overlays could be used over a turtleneck or shirt & black pants for a low-cost unifying outfit for a youth choir or other more casual group. When added to robes, overlays and tunics create a new ensemble look at less than the cost of new robes. Some are even reversible (usually to one solid color), with twice the style possibilities! These custom overlays can be made in any of our numerous fabrics, colors or optional monograms. Focus on the styling and ignore the colors shown- your overlay will be made to YOUR specifications! Reversible styles are marked with (R). Pricing depends on fabric choice and optional monograms. Please contact us or Request Custom Choir Robe Catalog

701 Tunic (R)

702 Overlay (R)

703 Tunic (R)

704 Tunic (R)

705 Tunic (R)

706 Tunic (R)

709 Overlay (R)

710 Tunic (R)

711 Overlay (R)

717 Overlay (R)

718 Tunic (R)

719 Tunic (R)

720 Overlay

721 Tunic (R)

722 Tunic (R)

750 Overlay

751 Tunic (R)

752 Overlay

753 Overlay

754 Overlay

755D Overlay

757 Overlay (R)

758 Overlay

917 Overlay (R)


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