Madison Doctoral Gown

Our best doctoral style! Fine pleating frames the velvet panels from the hemline, up over the shoulders, to a point in the center back of the yoke, where it is finished with fancy cording. This use of pleating for beautiful drape and comfort is the distinguishing feature from the more common yoke-contructed gown. The Madison also features a cuff on the traditional bell sleeve. Velvet front panels and sleeve bars can be in black or your degree color. Decorative contrasting piping around the velvet is an option that sets off the velvet with that extra-special touch, and by color choice can further define your degree. Note that differences in our doctoral gown styles are strictly a matter of personal preference and have no code or academic significance. Choose from an assortment of black fabrics.
If you are ordering special (non-black) regalia from our prestigious special regalia schools list, your conferring school has already chosen the gown style, fabric and colors. Just tell us your school- YOU HAVE NO CHOICES TO MAKE.

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